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Mike Miller - Rifle Maker

 Latest Photo Submission : Jaeger 10/01/10 

Gallery Name Description 
American Pioneer Video  Here are some photographs from various filming projects with Jim & Karen Wright. All pictures are copyright American Pioneer Video and courtesy of the Wrights. 
Gideon (Mark A. Baker's Rifle)  This Rifle is based on the work of Christian Springs gunbuilder, Andrea Albrecht. The rifle is stocked in Curly Maple, and features handmade brass hardware. The lock of this rifle is entirely handmade. All photos are courtesy of Mark A. Baker. 
1770 Virginia Rifle  Here are some pictures of a Cherry stocked, brass mounted Virginia rifle made for a client. This rifle is appropriate to the 1770 time period. 
One of My Rifles  This rifle was made for me, but I ended up selling it to Ehrin Ehlert, a good friend, who wanted to retire the rifle his father had made for him. 
Misc. Rifles  A Gallery of other Rifles that I have built. 
Pistols  Here are some pictures of various pistols that I have made. 
Early Virginia Trade Rifle  Early Virginia trade rifle 1761 to 1765. 44" Rice barrel .40 to .50 caliber B weight. Chambers Virginia lock, wood box lid, brass mounts. 
1760's Christian Springs  1760's Christian's Spring style rifle with a 44" D weight .62 caliber barrel a Chambers Early Germanic lock, a premium curly maple stock and all hand made mounts. 
1836 North Carolina Rifle  1836 North Carolina rifle in the style of John Vogler. 46" .50 caliber Getz barrel, hand made sterling silver mounts, Chambers Late Ketland lock, premium curly maple stock from Wayne Dunlop. 
1800 Winchester Virginia Rifle  1800 Winchester Virginia rifle. 44" .40 caliber Rice barrel, Chambers Golden Age Lock, premium curly maple stock from Wayne Dunlop, all brass mounts are hand made. 
1750-60's Rifle  1750-60's rifle. Charcoal blued 38 inch Rayle 61 caliber barrel. All other parts including the wood screws are hand made. Hand made early Germanic style lock. Walnut stock, handmade brass mounts. 
1710 Jaeger  1710 Jaeger Iron mounts European walnut stock Chambers early Germanic lock and Rice 32inch .54 caliber barrel. 
Caitlin's Rifle  My daughter's rifle in the 1790's Virginia pattern. 31" Wayne Jenkins 3/4" across the flats, .40 caliber. Maple stocked with brass mounts. The lock is a Davis, "Becky". 
Jaeger  Some pictures of a Jaeger I recently completed. 

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